Healing treatments and massage

Despite that our KKPL center is not open yet, you can already make your appointments for diagnostics and consecutive therapy according to the Tibetan medicine. We will take care of you in our Nala center in Prague. All the treatments are performed by our accredited doctors of Tibetan Medicine, Vlasta Hodanová and Anastazja Holečko.

The healing treatments are usually combined in order to achieve the best possible results. The different methods are selected based on the diagnostics and the targeted areas.


The traditional Tibetan massage has been founded 3000 years ago and has become the integral part of the medical tradition of Tibet. Ancient Tibetans applied the methods of Kunye for diagnostics and the therapy itself, using special saturated oils and butter based substances. They often used tree branches, sticks or rocks in order to put pressure on various body parts and points. This method has significant healing impact on the body and it enables  the person to regain the right state of mind.

There are 3 parts of the massage :

"Ku" which means to apply or spread the healing oil on the body

"Nye" which is applying the massage itself and it includes various techniques of massaging the muscles, deep tissue, points and energy channels, but also techniques to activate the joints.

"Ci" is the last part of the massage, which aims to remove the leftover oil from the body by using barley or chickpeas powder.

The traditional Tibetan medicine includes 4 main categories of therapy :

1. Nourishing food.

2. Life style change.

3. Pharmacotherapy.

4. External treatments.

Kunye massage belongs to the 4th category together with other techniques like moxa, cupping, jukco, balneotherapy and healing bandage. All these therapies are used to regain the balance of the body and mind. Regeneration and strengthening effect are often described as benefits of Kunye massage in various sources of Tibetan medicine. It also eliminates the toxins in the body, increases the energy flow, helps to relieve pain and discomfort, eliminates nervous and mental disorders like sleep deprivation, depression or anxiety.

Each session lasts from 90 to 120 minutes.



HorMe (full Tibetan description is hor gyi me tsa) is a treatment using warm bandage and it is the optimal way to calm the Lung disorders using Tibetan external medicine.

Hor - the ancient kingdom of Horo (Mongolia)

Me - fire

During the treatment we are using a mixture of spices in bio quality in a cotton, red pouch, which we dip in sesame oil a put on the targeted points on the body - palms, feet, head or back.

HorMe massage is very beneficial during stressful periods, against pain, it nourishes and  rejuvenates the body.

It also helps to improve :

- sleeplessness, anxiety, stress, depression, emotional instability

- stiffness of limbs and muscles, joint pain, paralysis

- migrating pain

- loss of sensitivity

- postpartum problems, dysmenorrhea (menstrual cramps)

- kidney issues, swelling


Cupping therapy

The cupping therapy is a very old and effective method used to fix issues with movement system, thanks to reflexology and detoxifying effects on organs. In Tibetan medicine it is also used to diagnose the source of pain. We apply the dry method of cupping using metal cups and fire. The cups can be applied from couple seconds to minutes.


Reflexology massage of feet and palms

The reflexology massage is based on the fact, that every part of our body (reflexology point) is connected with other parts or organs. Putting pressure and touching specific points on the palms and feet has a positive effect on other parts of our body which are linked. 

Yuk Cho Therapy

The reflexology therapy with Juk Cho sticks is an ancient and exclusively Tibetan tradition introduced by tantric yogis and it is a combination of medicine and spiritual practise. Thanks to the vibrations produced by the stick's strikes, it helps to eliminate diseases and balance the energy in a very natural way. Stick treatment has deeper and more powerful effect than finger pressure and it helps against migraine, stiff neck, acute back pain, excess gas production, digestive problems, etc. It can also be used as treatment of diseases, constraints and stress that can arise as a result of meditation or spiritual practise. 


Tibetan Self-healing Yoga Nejang

Nejang is a set of 24 particular exercises, based on recommendations of Tibetan doctors to their patients. The aim is to purify certain parts of the body, where the energy resides. To balance the internal energies, open the channels and relax the mind is everyone's goal. It is suitable for people of all ages, limited mobility or pain are not an obstacle. On the contrary, it helps to gently relax stiff parts and during the practise we also stretch the organs like the eyes, ears and nose.

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