Karma Kungha Padkar Ling


" Generally, Karma Kunga

Pekar Ling is a place to train not only in Buddhism, but also in medicine,and in ways which support healing with a healthy life-style. Medicine is meant to heal a sickness and there is no sense to distinguish here between religions. Be it our Buddhism, other various religions or ateism – none make any difference for a hospital. If we get sick, we need to see a doctor and so the main purpose of any hospital is to heal the bodily sickness. And not only to heal the bodily disease – we need to pacify the mental suffering as well. There are many ways to achieve that in common medicine but there are also various methods to heal the mental suffering in Buddhism.Among all the ways to get rid  of such mental pain, the best approach and the most beneficial one is to achieve it through Buddhist teachings.The cause of all our present bodily diseases and mental suffering lies in our previous lives. In previous lives as well as in this one, we have accumulated bad karma and the bodily diseases and mental pain are mere results of this karma. So, in order to pacify the mental suffering, it is essencial to get in contact with Buddhism. 

And then, when we put Buddhism  into practice, we get rid of  the mental suffering. Moreover, we will benefit greatly from healing also the bodily diseases.bSo if we manage to connect a medicine centre  with Buddhist teachings,the hospital will fullfil its aim by pacifying the bodily sicknesses and mind will be content and happy through the connection with Dharma. In this way, both aspects will complement each other greatly.. And because of this double benefit, we can then live a better life. Later, some of us might become Buddhist, enter any other religion and stay ateists and don't follow any religion. Regardless,the bodily diseases are of no use to none of us – we all need just to get rid of them. There is not a single being,who would want to be sick or suffer mentally. And as we don't want to experiences those difficulities, we need to purify body and mind. And in this way, when medicine is embraced with Dharma, both aspects will mutually stabilize, support and supplement one another. And I think this is an very good way to build a medicine centre. With such an approach, it will become a buddhist centreand a medicine Tanadug centre. I am extremely happy that such a centre is being built. And not only am I happy – I make wishes to the Three Jewels so that all the work of the friends building the centre and also all the activitiesof all our supporters will be successful.

I make constantly wishes for

longlife of everybody, so that this work can be fully

accomplished. I think it will bring immense benefit

to everybody, no matter their age – children, middle-aged

 or elderly people. I keep everybody in my heart

and pray for success

to the Three Jewels. I am very very happy for all of you

who contribute to develop

this project. Thank you! Your work is very hard

and our project very vast. Because of its vast scope, there

will be lots of costs to cover and

lots of difficulties to solve. But, based on all your work

a great and deep benefit will come. So again, thank you all so much

for all your activity

and I send you all many Tashi Dele."

Sherab Gylatsen Rinpoche

KKPL founders and supporters

Vlasta Hodanová &

Petr Hodan

With persistent strength, never-ending effort and the right motivation we are advancing on our visions step by step.

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 17th Gyalwa Karmapa, Thaye Dorje 

 Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche 

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