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In year 2017, the supreme master Drubwang Tsori Rinpoche personally paid a visit to Czech
Republic in Central Europe because of repeated requests of the leaders of Nala foundation
Petr and Vlasta, who possess trust mingled with [proper spiritual] connection.
Out of [Rinpoche’s] unsurpassable compassion, his deeds were as follows:

In that region, in this supreme, extremely peaceful and conducive place, it clearly appeared in my mind that this supreme place is extraordinary, unlike other places graced in the past by the presence of manifold Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, their sons.
Any stiff concepts, which might interrupt such concentrated charm of adorable limitless mountains, rivers and plains, subside right away.

This place called Zbečno is perfectly endowed with favourable conditions for:

  • Building a statue of Amitabha, the protector of the western pure land of Sukhavati,- which would liberate upon being seen

  • Building in this place a main building, where numerous fortunate male and female awareness-holders could practice the profound path of Ati[yoga] the Great Perfection (Dzogchen)

  • Also for building a place for nurturing bodily health, as the [ability] to practice Buddhadharma depends on physical condition

When [I] was performing, for the sake of the aforementioned projects, [rituals] of Naga offerings, recitation and [blessing of] the intended Naga place, [which will serve] to maintain the connection with the blessing of the indigenous site, a great many extremely wondrous sings and indications appear.

All of those signs and indications are for the array of those fortunate disciples [of Buddha] to whom I made connections through wishes in my previous rebirths.

[I] performed manifold visualisations, smoke offering and a torma for Nagas with thefollowing intention:

During [the performed rituals] with these and other wishes, there were signs that the local
gods, Nagas, deities and spirits without exception are delighted.
The good signs of the nine horses, which appeared in this place, were auspicious signs [telling that] the nine vehicles will be accomplished properly.

There were good signs of the two perfect horses, black and white, who were led for examination and the white one, defeating the black one, won,and also the five 

birds soaring in the sky in the manner of the five types of Dakinis – these are extremely wondrous good signs of directly meeting with inconceivable amount of the blessed ones.

These signs and indications [say] that on this blissful land, where gods, Nagas and local spiritare utterly pleased and which is without infections and diseases, beings will be abundant injoy and happiness, and that the sun of the fortunate ones, whose intentions are inaccordance with Dharma, will rise.

[May it be] virtuous!
[May it be] virtuous!

Tsori Rinpoché

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